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Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Reiman

January 23, 2020

Meet Rebecca Reiman, Workspace Consultant and this month’s Employee Spotlight. Rebecca comes from University of Missouri, and has been with M&M for two years. Read below to learn more about Becca.

What made you want to pursue a sales career in the furniture industry?
I was looking to pursue a consultative sales role in an industry that is ever changing. At a time where the workplace has change more in the last 5 years than it has in the last 20, I saw this as a great time to enter the industry as a millennial. I am able to provide insight from the view point of the younger generation that business leaders are recruiting.

How would you describe your role in 4 words?
Detail Oriented

To be successful as a workspace consultant you need to be?
Organized, eager to become a student of the industry, dedicated to staying on top of trends and research, keeping a continuous line of communication with your clients- always looking for opportunities to add value to their space.

What are 3 essential items you could not live without?
My coffee, my planner, and my family & friends

What is one thing you hope to cross off your bucket list within the new year?
Taking a trip out to Seattle- I lived there while interning in the summer of 2015 and haven’t had time to make it back for a visit. I’m hoping I can find a long weekend in 2020 for a trip to the PNW to visit all my favorite spots, restaurants, and hikes.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I play ice hockey

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