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Employee Spotlight – Tari Gorzalski

February 19, 2020

Meet Tari Gorzalski, Senior Designer and this month’s Employee Spotlight. Tari is a graduate from MATC, and earned her degree in Interior Design. She is the newest member on the Design team and has been with M&M since September 2019. Read below to learn more about Tari.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the end result and how it makes a difference to my clients, their employees and their overall business.


What types of companies do you enjoy furnishing the most (businesses, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc. and why?

I enjoy businesses for the same reason listed above and more recently schools because it is really interesting to see how schools have changed the way they teach and how kids learn and how much it mirrors the real world and the work place.


What is something most people do not know about you?

That my full name is Tareen. My family shortened my name when I was a baby and it just sort of stuck. I thought I was going to change that when I got to high school, but it turned out I knew too many people from my childhood, so it never took off. If you called to me using that name I probably wouldn’t even turn around.


Do you have any favorite family traditions?

My sister who lives in Memphis, comes home once a year and rent’s a cottage on Big Cedar Lake. My whole family goes out there throughout the week and we tie tubes together and float off the end of the pier.


What has been your greatest accomplishment outside of work?

Outside of my kids I guess our photography business.  We never thought we’d actually have to turn down business because we were so busy.



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