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Architectural Products

For architectural interiors, you can depend on M&M Office Interiors of Madison and Milwaukee. We offer installation services for moveable walls and access floors for an optimal working experience within your environment. Check out both systems below.

Moveable Walls

Haworth moveable walls are adaptable and sustainable system. These stylish systems provide the look of permanent walls, and can adapt quickly and easily. Minimize downtime each time you reconfigure your space. Moveable walls are another component in Haworth’s Integrated Palette family of products.

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Access Floors

Lay the foundation for a smarter, more sustainable space with Haworth access floor systems. These systems set the stage for any environment that demands a strong, quiet access floor.

The exposed concrete surface offers a unique aesthetic. Finish it with modular carpet, laminate, vinyl, rubber, or just about any other material. Substitute the concrete tiles in lobbies and public spaces. Haworth access floor systems allow you to easily route power, data, and even air under floor to heat and cool the space for maximum human comfort, individual control, convenience, and facility efficiency.

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Please contact any of our workspace consultants at M&M Office Interiors to learn more about our moveable wall and access floor systems today.

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