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Haworth Moveable Walls

Learn more about the Haworth moveable wall systems we carry at M&M Office Interiors in Milwaukee and Madison. If you would like to receive further installation information, be sure to contact us today.


ass Moveable Walls enclosure

Haworth Enclose moveable walls offer highly adaptable interior architecture year after year. With frame and wall material options such as glass, metal, laminate, fabric, vinyl and wood, there are countless ways to create and define your design. Now, with frameless glass available, these movable walls offer the ultimate in transparency and elegance. From design and acoustics to sustainability strategies and beyond, learn how Enclose walls can perform for you. Discover all that is included in Haworth’s Integrated Palette family of products.


Haworth LifeSPACE ERA movable walls look permanent, but are designed to move to provide maximum space-planning flexibility. LifeSPACE ERA provides a consistent aesthetic and can mirror a company’s brand and culture from formal to casual environments. And the process is so easy; the walls arrive fully finished, ready to be tilted up and trimmed in place.


Haworth Patterns elements echo the scale of architecture and introduce a new dimension of mass volume within the interior landscape. It brings visual logic to a space while simultaneously defining and smoothing the transition from private offices to open plan areas. With Patterns, you can design strong visual relationships and striking spatial compositions throughout your workspace. Patterns is included in Haworth’s Integrated Palette family of products.

Please contact any of our workspace consultants at M&M Office Interiors to learn more about the Haworth moveable wall systems we have available for your working environment.

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